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Gerry Leigh Sherman

Horticultural Therapist & Owner

Gerry graduated with a B.A. from Skidmore College where she studied International Affairs, Studio Art and Environmental Studies. She received her Horticultural Therapy Certificate from The New York Botanical Gardens, which included an intensive clinical internship at NYU Langone Health in pediatric & adult rehabilitation, complex medical care, psychiatry, and geriatric settings. Prior to finding the world of HT, Gerry worked in corporate management. As a board member of the Mid-Atlantic Horticultural Therapy Network, she collaborates with other HTs towards expansion of the field. In addition to her freelance ventures, Gerry has extensive experience as a horticultural therapist at a skilled nursing facility, a bustling Bronx, NY community center and now at NYU Langone Health's Rusk Rehabilitation. Wherever she is, Gerry combines the leadership and interpersonal skills of her corporate days with the vibrant world of horticulture. 

Where are we located? Well, we grow our dahlias in Fairfield County, Connecticut. ​We welcome program opportunities across NYC, Westchester & Fairfield counties, and the lower Hudson Valley. 

Every flower has a meaning, or symbolism, associated with it. Dahlias come in so many varieties and colors that they're buried deep in symbolism! It just so happens that all of this wonderful flower's meanings are attributes we would like our business to embody...

  • Finding inner strength

  • Changing in a positive way

  • Standing out from the crowd

  • Always being kind

  • Staying adventurous and relaxed

  • Commitment

  • Remaining graceful

Dahlias also offer a bit of a challenge for us gardeners here in the northeast, as the tubers must be dug up and stored away for cold winter months, then replanted each spring. And we love a challenge - especially one with such incredible results! Dahlias make awesome cut flowers, attract pollinators to the garden, and- they're just gorgeous - right?!

Why Dahlias?


Yes, our name is a nod to the infamous play and movie, "Hello, Dolly!"  What can we say, we're fans of all the leading ladies who have played Dolly over the years. And just like her, we've got a creative solution for everything that comes our way. 

_I have always been a woman who arranges
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