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Horticultural Therapy Services

What is Hort Therapy, anyway?

"Horticultural Therapy (HT) is the practice of utilizing plants and horticultural activities in a therapeutic or rehabilitative environment to engage persons in achieving specific treatment goals, thus enriching and improving their physical, psychological and social well being."

- American Horticultural Therapy Association


In other words, using planting and nature based activities to meet therapeutic goals of a specific population.


Activities are designed to meet the needs of your facility and participants:

- Group goals such as engagement, sensory stimulation, and education

- Individual goals that address physical, cognitive, or psychosocial needs

Plant Propagation

from seed, division, stem cuttings of houseplants, annuals and perennials

Pothos party #horticulturaltherapy #hort
Nature Crafts

floral arranging, pressed flower projects, herbal soaps & lotions, and  much more


Flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs, beyond the traditional garden bed

First harvest at the RCC garden! And the

one-on-one or group interactions

one-time special events

regularly scheduled sessions


(weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

informative demonstrations and lectures

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